Shelter Cart





Shelter cart design that can be said to be a nice solution for homeless is designed by Gregor Timlin and Barry Shehan. The shelter cart as it has been named is a mobile living unit which can be used as junk collection cart during the day and during night it can act as a place of shelter. It is light weight and the wheels help in moving the same around while it is used as cart, however the height of the roof can be adjusted accordingly. This social awareness campaign is a nice way of bringing to notice the plight of homeless. Way to go guys ! The homeless will be very eager to have this shelter cart.

homless home


copy_0_the_homeless_home_1copy_0_the_homeless_home_2copy_0_the_homeless_home_3Design by Sebastian jesus

homeless dome


hippo water roller




The HippoRoller is a heavy-duty plastic drum that can be filled upright, then sealed and rolled like a steamroller across rough terrain. The 24-gallon (90L) tank weighs 200 pounds when full, but the rolling drum has a functional weight of just 22 pounds, so virtually anyone can use it. The current design has been tweaked to ease shipping and transportation of the carriers, which are manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa. They are distributed mainly by local NGOs to communities throughout southern Africa, along with training on water purification and sanitation.







I am so glad to write about LifeStraw. It is a great example that reminds us that there are poor nations in many continents , especially in Africa who are fighting with diseases which is a direct result of dirty water sources.

LifeStraw is an instrument which instantly purifies the water and makes it ready to drink with the chromatographic techniques and other well-known filter methods. A single personal LifeStraw gadget can process 700 liters of water in a year and usage life is 3 years. 2 liters a day is a great start to develop such products for future.

There are two models : Personal and family. The difference is that even though family model is capable of removing all heavy metals, viruses, parasites, bacteria even in really muddy, over dirty water, personal Lifestraw model doesn’t filter heavy metals and some parasites. Family model can process 15,000 litres of water in a year, with life time of 2 years. Approximately 20 liters / day for a typical family is great helper for African families.

I understand that personal model is for extreme situations but I would like to see that personal model will also clear all dangerous things to health for perfection.

Well, I think LifeStraw can be a great symbol for developing Africa and actually aid concerts can be made to provide these life saving gadgets for families to people who need.

The LifeStraw was studied and tested by the University of North Carolina and developed by Vestergaard Frandsen of Switzerland and the USA with a mission of addressing disease control issues.